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Vikings SM MOA Feast for 3 - SET B
Feast for 3

Vikings SM MOA Feast for 3 - SET B

Vikings SM MOA

Vikings SM MOA


  1. German potato salad with bacon bits
  2. Pomelo salad, poached shrimp, Sesame dressing
  3. Grilled Chicken fillet BBQ (kids friendly)
  4. Sauteed Shrimp Gambas in olive oil
  5. Pigs in the blanket (kids Friendly)
  6. Japanese Ikayki squid, Yakiniku sauce
  7. Crispy Lechon Kawali house vinegar and truffle sauce
  8. Red wine Stewed beef Caldaretta, mushroom
  9. Smoked Pecking chicken with Hoisin sauce
  10. Filipino Sweet Spaghetti (kids friendly)
  11. Sauteed Jambalaya rice
  12. Sauteed vegetables Ratatouille
  13. Blueberry cheese cake
  14. Red velvet cake
  15. 1.25L drink