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Vikings SM MOA Feast for 3 - SET C
Feast for 3

Vikings SM MOA Feast for 3 - SET C

Vikings SM MOA

Vikings SM MOA


  1. Caesar salad, bacon bits, quail eggs
  2. Filipino macaroni salad with pineapple and raisin
  3. Mini chicken parmigiana, melted mozzarella (kids friendly)
  4. Lechon belly Tacos with Hoisin sauce  
  5. Roasted beef in black pepper sauce
  6. Spaghetti with beef ragu and parmesan cheese (kids friendly)
  7. Chicken Teriyaki (kids friendly)
  8. Sauteed Ginger, garlic, shrimp with fresh salted egg paste
  9. Sweet and Sour fish strips pineapple bits
  10. Paella Valenciana with seafood and chorizo
  11. Chinese egg noddle Oyster sauce and spring onion
  12. Sauteed Garlic butter mixed vegetables
  13. Chocolate cake with whipped cream
  14. Ube cake with mango bits
  15. 1.25L drink