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Vikings SM North Edsa Feast for 3 - SET A
Feast for 3

Vikings SM North Edsa Feast for 3 - SET A

Vikings SM North Edsa



  1. Caribbean chicken salad, crispy tortillas with mango dressing
  2. Japanese Crab Stick salad, wasabi mayo, salted eggs mimosa
  3. Octopus salad, mint and cilantro, lemon dressing
  4. Fried Mozzarella cheese sticks, pink sauce (kids friendly)
  5. Grilled marinated salmon belly, Chimichurri sauce
  6. Sauteed Crispy beef with black peppers sauce, broccoli
  7. Deep fried Fish fingers, tartar sauce (kids friendly)
  8. Slow roasted 
  9. Vikings deep fried chicken, mushroom sauce (kids friendly)
  10. Chicken-Pork adobo rice
  11. Ginger stir fried noodles with vegetables medley
  12. Sauteed mixed vegetables with curry sauce
  13. Strawberry Tiramisu
  14. Chocolate Eclair
  15. 1.25 L drink